Peta Tosh began his rap career only a few short years ago, but it is clearly his natural born calling. Born in Seattle and then moving around quite a bit throughout his childhood, PT has an eclectic collection of influences that shine through in his music. Being simply a fan of hip hop for so long and watching the game from the outside has allowed him to study the artists and industry and learn how to be successful at his craft before he tested the waters for himself. Ladies and gentlemen, it was time well spent and worth the wait. He dropped his first mixtape “The Takeoff”, and it was just that… the TAKEOFF! This mixtape gained him attention from his peers, allowing him to perform at Seattle venues such as Neumos, Chop Suey, and the Showbox, including a show with Lupe Fiasco. He also gained the attention of producer Kuddie Fresh of Tha Bizness Production Co., who instantly took him under his wing, as they are currently in the studio working on his upcoming debut EP. Peta Tosh, he is an Amazing new threat in the music industry, watch for him and also Follow and reach him at Twitter.com/petatosh
*Update* Ive recently released my first offical EP called “Different” download it now at http://petatosh.bandcamp.com/

http://petatosh.bandcamp.com/ (DOWNLOAD THE NEW EP THERE)


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